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American History 101

True life: I got kicked out of class in the third grade for bringing this up.

whereas my ap history class literally used howard zinn as a textbook and every other class discussion was an immersive lesson in white guilt, nevermind the fact that 65% of the class was second generation asian, nah, son, you’re all guilty —

wait weren’t chinese people used as disposable slave labour for the construction of the transcontinental railroad — THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT AS BAD AS THE SLAVES NOW DID THEY

Abe Lincoln might have been gay

JFK quite definitely had STDs, Cushing’s, and Addison’s disease (hence his weird orangey color).

There was an orgy of buying and selling in the early 1800s

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emayaosi asked: It's really disappointing to see you co-sign that Holly Black post as if the majority of YA authors don't write about very whitewashed worlds where queer/trans/poc people may as well not exist. Telling people to change that reality with their purchasing power is a tad hypocritical when you all write a certain way because you know that's what sells. I'd be more sympathetic to your point if you weren't directly contributing to the problem.


The point of Holly’s post is that buying works by PoC/LGBTQ/trans writers will literally change the landscape of what’s out there and what’s a bestseller and what’s mainstream. I do sign on to that.

As for the need for more diversity in all books being written, yes to that too. Though, I wish you wouldn’t say I am doing something because “you know that’s what sells.” People think writers do EVERYTHING because “that’s what sells.” People are always reading our minds/explaining our motives—people from every standpoint. Most book banners use the “you do this because this is what sells” in order to denigrate work. My goal for myself is to try harder and do better and make good stories.

But the point remains that diverse writers of diverse books are out there, and by buying their books, the playing field changes. It sounds like maybe you aren’t aware of all these writers. That’s a problem. But it’s something that so many good people are working on now, to bring these writers up to the front of the store/the reading list.

I disagree with this statement and explanation. Sure, authors will have different views which will inevitably guide their works. However, saying that a gay author would be able to intrinsically write a better gay character than a straight author is like saying the opposite - a gay author would not be able to write a character the way a heterosexual author would.

We know this isn’t true either way. The strength of one’s writing doesn’t come from what you are, but how well you’re able to portray the fucking story. Don’t get the two confused. Just because I’m bi and asian doesn’t mean the only goddamn characters I can get into are bi and asian. Similarly, just because someone is straight doesn’t mean that they’re going to write good straight characters, or good characters at all.

Don’t buy a book just because of the author’s sexual/racial/political orientation. Buy a book because of how well they portray whatever fuckin agenda you want. Because in the end, it’s not your fuckin adjectives that matter it’s the fuckin verbs.


Like fiery eyeball thing, no problem. But don’t even try to imagine a Samoan elf. (x)

Let’s not try to hide the fact that the LOTR universe was incredibly racist to begin with. Hobbits were racist to each other. Elves were racist to each other. Everyone was racist to each other. I mean, you had everyone hating each other, and then within their own groups, each race had their own tiered system according to skin, hair, and eye color. For a fantasy world, Tolkien had his socio-political base down incredibly well. And that included its ugly ass aspects as well. That’s what makes his Middle Earth series, well, Middle Earth. As much as people would like to forget that, he did not shy away from blatant race politics. It make sense, even if you’d like to forget it.

But then again Peter Jackson fucked this series of movies so hard that it wouldn’t have mattered much anyways.

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mentally ill people can be confusing and belligerent and unfriendly and ungrateful and violent and not want to be medicated and STILL be entirely fucking deserving of your help and support lmao you don’t just get to handpick the nice ones

I’m not really okay with this.

I have…

I think the problem is the wording. There are certain professionals who should always take care of mentally ill people as a group. However, you can decline as an individual so long as you arrange further care for the patient. An example would be a patient with psychotic problems who consistently harasses you during a visit and doesn’t cooperate at all to help you with a diagnosis. In this situation, you have done the best you can for him, and it is well within your right to refer out to another person’s care.

So no, nobody as an individual has to take care of these people, least of all abusees or people otherwise being harassed by said mentally ill individual.

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